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Furry Love

This weekend I worked on my choices. And I realized that when my human child came into my life, I placed my furry children on hold. I haven’t meant to ignore them, but I do anyway. So, I wanted to make the right choice by my pets, because they are part of my family too…an important part. They are the ones who helped train me in how to nurture, and I need to remember to give them the attention they deserve. 

Peppa the guinea pig

We got our little Guinea pig after our daughter turned one. We did not buy her for the Little Mess. We got her to be a member of our family because the husband had owned and loved a Guinea pig at one point in his life. And we wanted a pet with which the Little Mess could grow. She so loves her Peppa Pig. But Peppa spends a lot of time in her cage. So, I’ve started getting her out for some lap time and this weekend, we made the right choice to groom her a bit by wiping her paws and trimming her nails. That pig really loves sitting on a lap while eating a leafy green. 

Bingbong the cat

We have two cats, Bingbong and Misser Kitty. MK is pretty independent. He comes and goes as he pleases and doesn’t really crave attention. Bingbong is different. Bingbong needs love on occasion. He is also really overweight and prone to matting due to his inability to properly groom himself. So, this weekend we allowed him inside the house in his room (aka, the powder room), and I got the brush. I listened to his purring engine as I rubbed that brush throughout his hair. Some of th mats worked loose and came out, and some had to be snipped. But he loved every moment of being brushed and having time with his human mom. 

The glider colony

Our little marsupials spend a lot of time in their cage, and I’m embarrassed by how little interaction they get from us. I sometimes blame their nocturnal nature since we are often headed to bed before they even venture out of their cage bag. But I know it’s an excuse. If we turn off the lights, they will come out to playin the big tent we have for them. So, I got them out of their bag to sit with them in the tent. Some of them happily munched worms and snuggled in their bag, but a couple got out to explore and Willow (the one looking at the camera in the pic and one of my favorites) crawled inside my jacket to snuggle with me. She just melts my heart. 

Piper the hyper

Our dogs demand the most attention, especially this boy. Tokie (our female dog whose dark black fur makes getting a good photo impossible) likes to spend time outside, but Piper demands to be under foot. Usually they are relegated to the laundry room or kitchen because they are about 80% house trainedwhich makes me a worried wreck when they are on the carpet that the 20% will rear it’s ugly head. But this weekend they got some cuddle time on the couch while we watched a couple of shows. 

So, that’s my weekend giving much needed TLC to our menagerie. I need to keep up that momentum. 



Still trying to live by my newfound motto of “Make the right choice.”  It started early this morning. 

Choice 1: going to work

That seems so ridiculous. My hair’s a mess, I have no makeup, but I’m here. I woke up still feeling unwell and having thoughts of just calling out sick. But I took a little extra time, and I felt okay to go in a bit later. Good thing too because people need my help today. So, I’m here but will probably leave a little early if the workload allows. 

Choice 2: breakfast

My second good decision was to again avoid the siren call of fast food. I grabbed a peach along with my coffee on my way out the door. While it’s not the most filling breakfast, it was satisfying to have something light and healthy instead of poisoning my system with the unnecessary fat and preservatives that come with fast food. 

Choice 3: no free food

Break room food is hit or miss with me. Recently, I have succumbed to temptation. But I wasn’t going to let bagels derail my quest to make the right choice. I enjoyed the almonds I brought as my snack. 

Otherwise I made some other good choices and some not so good ones, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

Make the Right Choice

It’s been a while since I updated. Life gets in the way. But I thought I might do quick little updates on something my daughter has learned in daycare with which I still struggle: making the right choice. It can be with my eating habits, my relationships, my lack of motivation with house work. So often, I make the wrong choice out of convenience or defiance. But I need to strive to be a better role model for my daughter. And today, I’m consciously making the right choices. 

Choice 1: breakfast

My first choice was breakfast. I’ve been sick the last few days and excusing myself from kitchen duties with fast food. Today, I had turned in the direction of the local McD when those words ran through my head: make the right choice. So instead of turning in at McD, I went to Keoger for grass-fed yogurt and a Larabar. Not quite as paleo as I would like, but I made the right choice. 

Choice 2: taking the stairs

I won’t lie and say that I haven’t stepped on an elevator today, but when I feel strong enough to climb, I do. So, today I did take the stairs from the first to second floor. And I will continue rebuilding my stamina and forming a habit where taking the stairs is the norm instead of the nuisance. 

Choice 3: volunteer work

My company allows 8 hours per year of paid volunteer time. So, I used 4 of those hours to be a mentor to some wonderful Girl Scouts. I was given an out earlier in the week when the other ladies who were scheduled to go had conflicts, but I was determined to stick with my commitment. It was fun, and I would do it again. 

So, those are some good choices I made for Thursday, August 4. I made some bad ones too, but at least I gave a good effort. 


It’s been a while since I updated. I don’t even have a selfie for you. Except this one from my run today. 


I will regain my speed.


I’m doing well with my diet and exercise. Biggest Loser is helping. In fact, here is my announcement: I won the first two weeks of Biggest Loser. I will soon receive a gift card to Whole Foods. I’m excited, and I’m really teying to stay motivated. 

So, that’s thw news, and here’s a cute pic of Nub.

Ready for school pictures

Weekend Successes

Selfie time.


Moving on. I had some good success this weekend. I stayed under my calorie goal both days. Staying true on Sunday was quite the feat since it was Super Bowl Sunday. I made a spread and practiced portion control. 


Nom nom

I managed to be ok with one slice of pizza, half serving of chips, five pigs in blankets, and three party crackers. It was a caloric dinner, but I had abstained a bit throughout the day. There was a time when I would have gobbled at least halfof  everything in sight. Glad I kept the binge beast at bay. 

And after being diligent all week and weekend the scale showed that I have lost nine pounds since starting Biggest Loser. Huzzah!

My little girl wasn’t feeling great this weekend, but she’s still cute as a button even when a little under the weather. Here’s a pic of her playing dress up with her grandmother’s shoes. 


Saturday Therapy

I enjoy my early Saturday morning walks with my friend Sarah. I could just sleep in, but I make myself get up by 6:15 so that I can meet her for a 7 AM walk at a local park. And we spend time just gabbing away about whatever. I call it my weekly therapy session because there are no judgments between us. So, we spend the hour walking, talking and putting away 3 miles. 

I’m also proud to report that I stuck to my calorie count today. I even took Nub to a birthday party and was able to resist even a taste of birthday cake, so I’m a little proud. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, and I’ve promised Cliff some fun football food for dinner. Pizza and pigs in blankets. I’m determined not to overdo it. 

Pounding Pavement

First, selfie.

This clothing choice isn’t much better

I weighed today. I’ve dropped another 2 lbs. that’s about 5+ lbs since I started Biggest Loser. Not too bad. But after my walk/run on Wednesday, I realize that I’m more inclined to lose a few more pounds than if I only walk. I guess the amount of effort is proportional to the results. Imagine that. 

So, I ran again today. I thought I might try an actual 1:1 interval run/walk. I’m really proud of me! There was only one time when I couldn’t maintain a running pace for the entire minute, andbit was on a hill. It wasn’t an easy workout, but there were some parts of it where I felt the old me from three years ago wake up and shout “Yes!” Here are my splits an post-workout, look-of-determination selfie. 

My second mile is always my best. 

I enter the weekend without the normal sense of dread I normally face when I know I might diet-derail. And with a birthday party and the Super Bowl, there are plenty of ways for me to fail. But I’m not going to stress, or I will fail for sure.