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Furry Love

August 8, 2016

This weekend I worked on my choices. And I realized that when my human child came into my life, I placed my furry children on hold. I haven’t meant to ignore them, but I do anyway. So, I wanted to make the right choice by my pets, because they are part of my family too…an important part. They are the ones who helped train me in how to nurture, and I need to remember to give them the attention they deserve. 

Peppa the guinea pig

We got our little Guinea pig after our daughter turned one. We did not buy her for the Little Mess. We got her to be a member of our family because the husband had owned and loved a Guinea pig at one point in his life. And we wanted a pet with which the Little Mess could grow. She so loves her Peppa Pig. But Peppa spends a lot of time in her cage. So, I’ve started getting her out for some lap time and this weekend, we made the right choice to groom her a bit by wiping her paws and trimming her nails. That pig really loves sitting on a lap while eating a leafy green. 

Bingbong the cat

We have two cats, Bingbong and Misser Kitty. MK is pretty independent. He comes and goes as he pleases and doesn’t really crave attention. Bingbong is different. Bingbong needs love on occasion. He is also really overweight and prone to matting due to his inability to properly groom himself. So, this weekend we allowed him inside the house in his room (aka, the powder room), and I got the brush. I listened to his purring engine as I rubbed that brush throughout his hair. Some of th mats worked loose and came out, and some had to be snipped. But he loved every moment of being brushed and having time with his human mom. 

The glider colony

Our little marsupials spend a lot of time in their cage, and I’m embarrassed by how little interaction they get from us. I sometimes blame their nocturnal nature since we are often headed to bed before they even venture out of their cage bag. But I know it’s an excuse. If we turn off the lights, they will come out to playin the big tent we have for them. So, I got them out of their bag to sit with them in the tent. Some of them happily munched worms and snuggled in their bag, but a couple got out to explore and Willow (the one looking at the camera in the pic and one of my favorites) crawled inside my jacket to snuggle with me. She just melts my heart. 

Piper the hyper

Our dogs demand the most attention, especially this boy. Tokie (our female dog whose dark black fur makes getting a good photo impossible) likes to spend time outside, but Piper demands to be under foot. Usually they are relegated to the laundry room or kitchen because they are about 80% house trainedwhich makes me a worried wreck when they are on the carpet that the 20% will rear it’s ugly head. But this weekend they got some cuddle time on the couch while we watched a couple of shows. 

So, that’s my weekend giving much needed TLC to our menagerie. I need to keep up that momentum. 


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