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Who am I?

I’m Stephie G.


I’m a mother to my beautiful little girl.


I’m a wife to the best man I’ve ever known.


I’m a full-time admin at a great company.

I’m a wannabe part-time blogger/writer, specializing in reviews.


I’m an animal lover and friend to my dogs, cats, sugar gliders and guinea pig, and a sympathizer with all the Earth’s creatures.


I’m my family’s designated chef, and I love creating interesting meals.


And finally, I’m a life-long struggler with weight issues.


I’m proud of all my many descriptors except this last one. But I strive to drop that from my vocabulary someday.

What is this blog?

This blog is my life. In order to drop the “weight struggler” descriptor from my vocabulary, I need to find motivation to lose the weight. I did it a couple years ago when I dropped 85 lbs.


But then my daughter came along, and I used her as an excuse to balloon up. Blogging helped me then, maybe it will help me now. But this won’t just be my weight loss journal. This will be my life journal. I need to commemorate my time as a mother and wife. I need to proudly show off my recipes and achievements. I need to remember that there’s more to life than the daily grind. And I want to commemorate it all here.

Why should I read this?

There’s no reason for you to ever feel the urge to read my diary. But if you want to be supportive, you can look around and leave me some comments. Of course, if you want to be mean, I’ve opened myself up for criticism, so that’s an option too. I just hope you will lean toward the side of kindness rather than meanness.

Final Thoughts

I make mistakes, I’m only human. But here I will voice my triumphs and frustrations, my successes and my failures, my dreams and nightmares. This is my space, and I am bearing my heart and soul to you. Not everyone gets to see the me that you will see here.

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