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Pounding Pavement

February 5, 2016

First, selfie.

This clothing choice isn’t much better

I weighed today. I’ve dropped another 2 lbs. that’s about 5+ lbs since I started Biggest Loser. Not too bad. But after my walk/run on Wednesday, I realize that I’m more inclined to lose a few more pounds than if I only walk. I guess the amount of effort is proportional to the results. Imagine that. 

So, I ran again today. I thought I might try an actual 1:1 interval run/walk. I’m really proud of me! There was only one time when I couldn’t maintain a running pace for the entire minute, andbit was on a hill. It wasn’t an easy workout, but there were some parts of it where I felt the old me from three years ago wake up and shout “Yes!” Here are my splits an post-workout, look-of-determination selfie. 

My second mile is always my best. 

I enter the weekend without the normal sense of dread I normally face when I know I might diet-derail. And with a birthday party and the Super Bowl, there are plenty of ways for me to fail. But I’m not going to stress, or I will fail for sure.


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