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Letting Go of the Crap

January 27, 2016

This is good advice for everyday life, but seeing as how my blog ultimately falls into the “health, fitness, weight loss” categories, I’m working hard to let go of crappy food. Tonight, I achieved this goal. 


What’s in my lettuce wrap?


It’s Taco Tuesday!

It was great! And best of all, two lettuce leaves are only 2 cals, while two corn tortillas are 100 cals. So, this was definitely a win to be repeated. 

I took a peek at the scale this morning. Since I let go of the crap in my diet, my body immediately let go of 3 lbs since yesterday. I guess it’s my body releasing the toxins. Regardless, today’s selfie didn’t yield any miraculous results. I’m still extremely disappointed in myself, but this is my accountability. 

I don’t weigh as much as I did when I started the weight loss journey a few years ago, but I feel like I look bigger, which is so disheartening. But I’m working on my diet, and I got this out of “mothballs” today. 

After 40 minutes of calisthenics, I felt pretty good. Tomorrow, walking with the work group. Or at least, I’ll walk by myself while everyone else runs. Gotta work my way back to it. 


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